Events & Branding

Through years of various fundraising events, mainly the “Humboldt Hardpack 30” bicycle ride, we have become well rounded in our abilities to accommodate client needs for event logos, signage, ticketing, and advertising. We have worked with numerous companies on the creation of materials from screen-printed apparel, to cast metal coins, to socks and beanies, to 3D keychains, and various other items. If you have questions, or would like to speak more about working with us on an event/branding design project please feel free to send us a message.

Humboldt Hardpack 30 - 2018

2018 Hardpack 30 t-shirt design

2018 Hardpack 30 custom water bottles

Humboldt Hardpack 30 - 2019

2019 Hardpack 30 t-shirt design

2019 Hardpack 30 custom beanie

Humboldt Hardpack 30 - 2020

2020 Hardpack 30 t-shirt design

2020 Hardpack 30 custom bandana

Humboldt Hardpack 30 - 2021

2021 Hardpack 30 t-shirt design

2021 Hardpack 30 custom 3D keychain

2021 Hardpack 30 - 10th anniversary poster

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